The Return of Mr. Bill’s

There are many landmarks when you drive down to the Jersey Shore, but what you pass all depends on what route you take. One of the most popular routes, in the area, is to take Route 73 south until you hit the entrance to the Atlantic City Expressway. If you go this way, you may use a particular landmark to determine when you are almost at the Expressway entrance. This landmark is statue of a really big man wearing a hat, yellow shirt, and blue suspenders. This, my friends, is the statue of Mr. Bill.

Now even though the statue has never gone anywhere, Mr. Bill’s historic eatery has been closed for the better part of the past two years. The restaurant originally opened in the 1950’s, but new owners have decided to give the restaurant a facelift and, therefore, needed to shut down the facility during the process. Well the historic restaurant is now getting set to reopen next month!

This past weekend the Mr. Bill statue, which stands in the front parking lot of the restaurant, was even given a power wash. So this summer, when you are making your trek to the shore, don’t forget to stop by Mr. Bill’s to check out the iconic restaurant and statue. It’s also a great place to take a brief stop with the kids for some ice cream! Everything will look new and improved, but it will still have the nostalgic feeling of the original 1950’s restaurant.


Written by Jeremy Cohen

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