Our Philosophy

The Jon Cohen Team is dedicated to making your home buying experience a smooth and enjoyable process. They pride themselves on their responsiveness to their clients. This approach gives them an edge when submitting offers and negotiating deals in a market where properties are moving quickly. It also allows the client to feel comfortable throughout all stages of the process as their agent is available with answers to their questions and additional information without delay. Buying or selling a home is an emotional and personal decision-making process which is why The Jon Cohen Team is committed to making this a friendly familial experience. 

Why We’re Different:

Agents are Buyer AND Seller agents: All agents on The Jon Cohen Team are experienced in representing Buyers and Sellers, instead of the common team structure where the Team Leader is the only Listing Agent on the team and all other agents are strictly Buyer Agents. With the common team approach, when Sellers hire agents to sell their house they’re hiring someone that primarily seeks out other Sellers looking to sell their houses. Those agents rarely have Buyers to bring to their Seller’s listings (since they primarily work with Sellers) and they give the Buyer leads that come in on their listings to Buyer Agents on the team that commonly know very little about the Seller’s homes. The Jon Cohen Team is looking to change the way Real Estate teams are structured. Their team is equipped to work as a TEAM and help ALL of their team’s clients by possessing the same skill-set and experience. The combination of their team makeup and progressive and innovative use of technology creates a home buying and selling experience like no other.  

Personal Touch: There are so many moving parts and variables in the home buying and selling experience; it’s essential that you trust your Realtor to always have your best interests in mind.  This is where The Jon Cohen Team’s ‘personal touch’ becomes so important.   The relationship with the team’s affiliates (i.e. loan officers, insurance agents, etc) plays an integral role in ensuring a smooth transaction with all the moving parts and variables not only addressed, but also top of mind day in and day out.  In order to ensure an enjoyable experience throughout the entire process, they find it necessary to align with other like-minded professionals.  The agents and the team’s affiliates pride themselves on their communication, responsiveness, experience in the real estate world, and their drive to create an enjoyable experience by always having their client’s best interests in mind.

enjoying your real estate experience